• Clean out pores
  • Prevents further formation of ingrown hairs
  • Treats ingrown hairs
  • Remove dead skin cells
  • Smoothes bumps
  • Lightens dark spots/hyper-pigmentation
  • Prevents vaginal/vulva acne folliculitis while putting moisture back into skin
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CUCH Products Designed To Remove


Surface Dirt

First do cleansing(Choose either foam or gentle enzyme cleanser.) before using CUCH products. CUCH products can remove your skin surface dust.

Top layer of dead skin cells

Our products, which can easily remove your most top layer of dead skin cells, and left you with fresh sensational hydrated skin.

Potentially harmful micro-bacterial organism.

There are lot of micro bacterias on your body, which harms and effect your skin health and texture. Our product is designed to remove all those to keep your skin safe and healthier.

Sweat and Sebum

We know that every normal people sweat, and have odour too, Sometimes swat will cause a stains too, which will cause a bad effect of you on others. If you are also facing these problems, you are on right place. Our products will change your life dynamically.