Questions often people asks

Can you get a vagacial while pregnant?

Yes,the topical products used are totally safe for pregnant woman…If the woman has extremely sensitive skin, we advise contact physician to discuss options.

How long should Client wait after waxing to get a Vagacial?

Ideally is preferred after waxing, but can be performed up to 7 days after...This allows the hair growth to form just beneath the skin so the treatments received that target ingrown hairs can bemost effective.

Do Clients have to remove hair for a Vagacial?

Yes, Vagacialsfocus on the skin and ingrown hairs &in order to target your skin and ingrown hairs we need the hairto be removed.

Will a Vagacial Effect pH 9 Balance?

No, asnopart ofthe vagacialinvolves the actualvagina(internal area) a vagacial has no impact on clients pH balance. Vagacials only work on the vulva (outer vaginal area).