About Us

Cuch ® was co-founded by Kaila Bush and Sheila Malmanis in 2022. Sheila is a Licensed Aesthetician and founder of Derma MD® skincare founded in 2001. Kaila, a licensed Cosmetologist, joined Derma MD® in 2011. She is the oldest of Sheila’s grandchildren,who refers to Sheila as Nana.

Kaila’s interest in developing and marketing Cuch products grew by observing how often new skincare ingredients, cosmetic procedures, and equipment are introduced in the cosmeceutical world. Kaila concluded that if she combined her passion for skin care and her Nana’s extensive experience developing skin care products, together they could provide consumers and spas a product line that would out perform those presently sold in the marketplace.

This was a project they wanted to develop together, as a team, thus "Cuchii" Comfort Collection Kit came into fruition!

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